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Organizational Health Assessments

growing stronger organizations

What is an Organizational Health Assessment?

The OHA is a way to get to know an organization better:

what’s working and what’s not.

Organizations can fall out of touch with the employee experience. 

The OHA reconnects the team.

Staff are often the people in direct contact with those being served.

If they are facing challenges that leadership isn’t aware of,

it can have a big impact on the effectiveness of the work.

Power dynamics often make it hard for employees to voice concerns.

The OHA process maintains privacy for staff, leading to more accurate data. 

Since the facilitator is outside the organization, the process is more neutral.

Who is it for?

  • Any organization that wants to do better.

  • Organizations that recently had staff turnover.

  • Organizations that have had a leadership transition.

  • Groups that have undergone sudden growth.

  • Groups about to work on strategic planning. The OHA can clear the air to make room for better long-term planning.

  • Organizations that want to inspire people to do what they love.

  • Groups who want to increase employee engagement.

  • Groups who want to identify and avoid risk and minimize liability.

How does it work?

1) We will meet with you to talk in depth about the process and review questions staff will be asked.
2) We will conduct in-person or video interviews with a representative sample of staff. Individual responses will be kept anonymous. 
3) All staff will receive an anonymous survey to capture thoughts people may not be comfortable raising in person.
4) We will create a report with a summary of findings, suggestions for improvements and recommendations on priorities.
5) We will meet with you to explore the report, answer questions, and work on the action plan.
6) We will help you move on to next steps, including finding other trainings or consultants.

OHA results include:

The OHA will help you:

An action plan with ideas for how to address problem areas.
A prioritized list of what needs to happen first.
Staff who feel appreciated.
A stronger, more effective organization.
Roadblocks are cleared for better outcomes.
A solid foundation for long-term planning.

Learn what people love about working at your organization.

Strengthen the organization.

Gain clarity on strengths and areas that need improvement.

Create a safe, private space for staff to encourage candor.

Allow staff to have their concerns heard and respected.

Surface behaviors that present a risk for the organization.

Provide a management blueprint to start addressing issues to improve employee and client experience.

Let's get started!

Email or call 505-365-2802
to learn more about how we can help you and your organization.

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